About The Author - Carolyn Branton 

Having suffered severe back pain in my early twenties and after exhausting the regular paths to recovery I needed to explore other options. 
In order to find some relief I have tried many alternative therapy options and while several were keeping me operational I struggled to find anything which improved my condition.  
I now accept that, to help myself, I need to exercise on a regular basis. 
Homeopathy, then Reflexology in which I am now a qualified practitioner and then Polarity Therapy have been my best solutions. I started to learn to become a Polarity Therapist but then needed a major operation, which has taken me several years to recover from, plus I was also holding down a ‘normal’ occupation. I have come to recognise that Polarity is a comprehensive holistic therapy but that there are a few simple exercises that most people should be able to easily do and which can keep the body working better. 
I have taken these basic exercises and worked them into a routine which can be practised by people in their own home and which will boost energy and flexibility and also help with posture, balance, tone, self-confidence and the body’s natural desire to self-heal. 
Easier options for several of the exercises have also been included as many people might struggle initially whilst their body gains flexibility. 
I hope that you gain benefit in your life by regularly practising these exercises, as I have done. 
Carolyn Branton MAR 

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